Explore Costa Rica And Panama With UnCruise Adventures

By Nancy Schretter, Editor

Outdoor activities and adventures are an important part of today’s top family vacations. Families enjoy hiking, kayaking and numerous water sports together on multi–sport adventures around the globe. Small ship cruises offer these same activities in some of the world’s most unspoiled destinations, allowing families to discover amazing new places and make lifelong memories together.

Families wishing to combine tropical adventures with history, nature and cultural discovery should check out UnCruise Adventures’ Costa Rica and Panama itineraries. These small ship cruises take place on UnCruise’s Safari Voyager, a 62–person vessel which was recently refurbished and updated. Because of the ship’s small size, families are able to visit deserted islands and wildlife–rich areas where few are able to travel. Experiences featured on these voyages include hiking in lush jungle preserves, kayaking through the mangroves and around small islands, snorkeling in pristine waters, wildlife spotting with experienced guides, and a full transit of the historic 48-mile Panama Canal.

If your family enjoys wildlife, adventure activities and immersive experiences, here are some of the many reasons to take an UnCruise Adventures Costa Rica and Panama Canal small ship cruise:

Discover Untouched Costa Rica and Panama.  Families seeking to explore Costa Rica and Panama’s most beautiful spots will find them on these UnCruise Safari Voyager sailings. UnCruise takes its guests to remote wilderness locations teaming with biodiversity and nature. You’re likely to see more wildlife than cars and tourists in these places. Safari Voyager guests have the opportunity to experience a number of the region’s most unspoiled areas including the tiny islet of Granito de Oro, offering some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. Other notable destinations include Panama’s Isla Coiba, Campanario Biological Reserve on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Piedras Blancas National Park, and Curu Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. The wildlife viewing in these areas is exceptional. On an UnCruise Adventures vacation, families can escape the crowds and experience Costa Rica and Panama in a unique and memorable way.

Experience All–Inclusive Vacation Ease.  UnCruise family vacations are totally all–inclusive, making them easy to enjoy and hassle free. All meals and drinks are included, as are all excursions, water sports and hiking equipment, airport transfers and more. On these cruises, families can do as much or as little as they’d like. If you think all adventure family vacations involve roughing it, think again. UnCruise Adventures offers an upscale all–inclusive family vacation experience featuring three delicious meals daily, plus snacks and other scrumptious treats. Don’t miss the morning muffins and the afternoon cookies. Wines, cocktails and mocktails are included in the Safari Voyager’s rates as well. UnCruise Adventures does an excellent job of catering to food allergies and dietary preferences. If family members have special needs, make sure to let the company know in advance and simply remind your wait staff once onboard.

Enjoy Unlimited Active Adventures.  Every UnCruise Safari Voyager is different than the next, depending on guest preferences and what Mother Nature has in store. A choice of morning and afternoon activities are generally offered daily, sometimes with the ship repositioning to a new location in the middle of the day. There are usually plenty of hiking options as well as kayaking, stand–up paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, and skiff trips for wildlife viewing. Hikes are generally gauged to various distances and fitness levels, so family members can choose the option that suits them best. Safari Voyager is fully outfitted with kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling gear, inflatable motorized skiffs, fitness equipment, hiking poles and an EZ Dock launch platform, making it easy for families to embark on skiff and kayak excursions.

See Lots of Wildlife.  While UnCruise Adventures makes no promises, it’s easy to see a stunning amount of wildlife on their Costa Rica and Panama cruises. Guests are fully immersed in nature on these trips. Families may be surrounded by jaw–dropping numbers of white–faced capuchin monkeys at Curu National Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula or find themselves in the presence of howler monkeys, spider monkeys, sloths, tapirs, coatis and even crocodiles. Expedition guides point out vivid blue morpho butterflies, colorful toucans, lively scarlet macaws, and a wide variety of other birds. There’s much to see while snorkeling as well including multiple species of sea turtles, colorful tropical fish and reef sharks. Make sure to keep an eye out for dolphins and whales, too.

Learn From Exploration Guides and Staff.  UnCruise Adventures’ small ship cruises feature carefully selected expedition guides and professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields and great with kids. These highly qualified guides help families get the most out of their vacation experience and focus on exceeding guest expectations. On an UnCruise Adventures Costa Rica and Panama Canal voyage, families will experience a full transit of the Panama Canal and uncover little–known details about its history during the staff’s commentaries and presentations. Expedition guides also teach families about the region’s flora and fauna while taking skiff rides and on nature hikes along rainforest trails. While it’s often easy to see noisy scarlet macaws and white–faced capuchin monkeys jumping in the trees, guides bring along their telescopes to expertly spot birds, sloths and other animals that might be harder for families to view. Informative presentations are also offered each evening along with a preview of the next day’s activities and adventures.

Make New Friends.  One of the many benefits of an UnCruise Adventures small ship cruise is the special sense of community that develops on Safari Voyager. With so few guests onboard, the overall vacation experience becomes intimate and much more personalized. The ship quickly becomes a place where everyone knows your name. On an UnCruise adventure, families come onboard as like–minded travelers and leave with new friends. It’s easy to meet people on UnCruise’s small ships and the daily programming helps to facilitate this as well. UnCruise sailings are also great for families who want to get away from digital devices and reconnect with each other. Internet access is not available for guest use onboard Safari Voyager and cell service is intermittent due to the ship’s remote locations, so it’s easy to be fully present and live in the moment on these vacations.

Relax In A Casual Environment.  Don’t worry about bringing lots of fancy clothes on an UnCruise Adventures Costa Rica and Panama Canal voyage. While the experience is upscale, the dress code and vibe are casual onboard. Nature and enjoying memorable experiences are the focus on these cruises. Families and guests get together in the ship’s spacious air–conditioned lounge before and after dinner, discussing the highlights of their day’s activities and what they’ve learned. It’s a great way to make new friends and get the most out of the UnCruise Adventures vacation experience.

If You Go:

  • For more information on UnCruise Adventures small ship cruises, visit their website at www.uncruise.com.
  • Special children’s rates are available on most Safari Voyager sailings and children ages 8 and older are warmly welcomed. Exceptions for younger children may be made with special approval. Contact UnCruise Adventures or your travel agent to request pre–approval. If families and multigenerational groups book a full ship private charter, all age restrictions are waived.
  • While it’s helpful to pack light, make sure to bring plenty of quick–drying shirts, shorts and pants. Although Safari Voyager is air–conditioned, it’s hot and humid in Costa Rica and Panama year–round. Guests take lots of jungle hikes and clothes can get dirty and sweaty. There is no laundry service onboard, but a spinner dryer is available on the ship’s back deck to use when bathing suits and clothes need to get dry quickly.
  • Let your expedition guides know if you’re interested in enjoying certain kinds of activities or spotting specific types of wildlife. Safari Voyager’s expedition guides are exceptional and they know the areas well. They’re happy to offer expert insights and help guests decide what to do in each of the destinations.

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