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10 Great Vacations for Babies and Toddlers Parents of little ones - get ready to travel. There are many fun family vacation options waiting for you and your family. We've outlined ten of the best vacations for families with babies and toddlers along with the resources needed to plan your trip.
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Universal Appeal: Universal Orlando For Pre-Schoolers My nine-year old had reached his breaking point.  “Mo-om, Disney is for babies,” he whined, in an ironically babyish tone.  It was time to plan a family vacation, also taking into consideration our two-year-old, who has yet to embrace her inner princess.  My first impression of Universal Orlando was that our children weren’t old enough to enjoy it. Further research yielded promise. As it turned out, there was quite a lot in the way of attractions that could keep us all happy.  
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12 Great Places Where The Wild Things Are With the release of the new movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, families are seeking out wildlife-rich destinations to be the setting for their next family vacation adventure. 
Here are 12 spectacular places where 'the wild things' still run free:
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Great Aquariums For Families Zoe is nose to nose with a 350-pound grouper, and Abby is checking out an electric green Moray eel. Im being careful not to swim too close to Raphael, a 65-year old sea turtle whos known for accidentally slapping unknowing snorkelers with her fins. No, were not in Mexico or the Caribbean weve come all the way to the Rockies to swim with sea creatures.
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Best U.S. Family Beach Vacations For many families, summer wouldn't be summer without a great family beach vacation. Travel industry statistics compiled by TIA and AAA indicate that the majority of summer vacations will be to beach destinations, with many of them being close to home
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Terrific Trips with Babies & Toddlers
New parents deserve to get away! The Family Travel Network has found some great resorts that will take care of your bundle of joy. High-tech pagers keep you in touch with the caretakers. So start packing that diaper bag and choose your destination... (click here for more)

Great Mother/Daughter Getaways
Taking the kids on one-on-one family vacations is one of today's fastest growing family travel trends. Many parents are booking these family vacations to celebrate special occasions, enjoy shared interests, and create opportunities for individual parent-child bonding. At other times, however, these types of family trips are simply due to family scheduling conflicts. Based on recent conversations with family travel agents and tour operators, mother/daughter getaways have become some of the most requested one-on-one family vacations. . . .
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A Mother-Daughter Trip to Space (Camp, That Is)
My nine year-old daughter, Zoe, is commanding a mission to the International Space Station. I’m her second-in-command, the flight’s pilot, so I am in charge of making sure the shuttle arrives and docks safely. It’s a tall task, one that takes detailed and precise communication with Mission Control and careful manipulation of all kinds of buttons and levers...
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Six Great Family Road Trips
High airfares and long security lines are making road trips a popular choice for family vacations this year. Family travel by car is also an excellent opportunity to spend time together, bonding and creating great vacation memories. The key is involve the kids in vacation planning and allow every member of the family to have something to look forward to each day. Here are six of our favorite family road trip itineraries, as well as suggested resources and tips for planning your own personalized family adventure.
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Dinosaur Treks
If you and your kids have gotten caught the dino-bug, check out the following destinations for super exhibits, attractions, and hands-on excitement. Dinosaur fans can also join The Dinosaur Society, providing a great way for children and families to learn more about these fascinating creatures... (click here for more)

Summer Family Camps
Family travelers take note: summer camp vacations aren't just for kids anymore. Family camps provide an action-packed, economical summer family vacation with lots of opportunities for bonding, education and adventure. Some camps cater to families all summer, while others only offer a few weekends or weeks of family camp each year. Prices range from under $100 to around $1000 per adult, depending upon duration and other factors, and generally include all meals and most activities. Childrens rates vary based on age
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Family Cruising
Family cruise vacations are hotter than ever as cruise lines work even harder to meet the demands of today's active families. We've gathered the latest information about the hottest cruise destinations, ship amenities including kids programs and shore excursions.....(click here for more)

River Rafting Adventure With ROW
Family adventure will never be the same again. Come ROW with us through the Snake River.....(click here for more)

Taking the KidsTM
Read Eileen Ogintz columns & get great advice...
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Plan A Multi-Generational Trip
Reunion vacations are a lot of work to plan.
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5 Hot Winter Weekend Getaways
Old Man Winter has settled in and the endless parade of gray days and frigid temperatures can be mind-numbing. If your family is in critical need of a vacation to cure the winter blues, follow the sun to a long weekend winter getaway . . .
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Best Family Campsites
Family camping vacations are hot this year andmany parents are hard at work looking forthe best camping spots for their summer family vacation. Tents are cheap, and roasting hotdogs and making s'mores are sure tomake lasting family memories. Planning a family camping trip can be fun, but it'smuch easier to decide where to pitch your tent when you can find good destination and selection information all in one place. . . .
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Celebrating Special Family Occasions with Memorable Travel Experiences
As any parent of teenagers knows, teens are a tough audience to impress. So when my daughter Amy called her recent Sweet 16 celebration at Woodloch Pines in the Poconos the best birthday ever, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for picking such a perfect place for a party
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Planning A Cool Cancun Mother-Daughter Getaway
Mother-daughter getaways are popular one-on-one family vacations for moms and daughters of any age. These kinds of family vacations create strong bonds and lasting memories, particularly if you plan carefully and choose the right travel destination for your trip.
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