Teens Have Fun In the Sun at SuperClubs' Breezes Bahamas

By Jenny Schretter (age 18)

Picture yourself lounging on a comfortable chair on a white sand beach. The palm trees are swaying, and the sound of reggae music is in the air. There's an icy cold drink in your hand, and beautiful turquoise water stretches out endlessly before you. As you relax, you contemplate your plans for the rest of the day - lounging by the pool, trying out the trapeze, and meeting new friends at the disco later in the evening. You're also picturing yourself with an amazing tan that you can show off to all of your friends at home!

SuperClubs' Breezes Bahamas knows how to combine luxury, comfort, relaxation, and fun to ensure that teens enjoy their stay. Landscaped with a flowing waterfall, a volleyball net, and a swim-up bar, the pool is definitely the place for teens to relax and hang out in the sun. Throughout the day, the entertainment committee hosts lots of poolside games and activities mainly directed towards teens and young adults. For example, you could enter the sumo-wrestling contest, take part in a free water aerobics class, and try out the trapeze or trampoline--all in the same day. The great thing about this resort is that you never have to worry about little kids making a lot of noise and running around the pool, as Breezes offers more of an "adult" atmosphere. There are usually lots of teens here, especially at spring break and during the holidays and summer months.

Although you might get lured into staying at the pool all day - don't forget about the beach! Breezes Bahamas is located on Cable Beach, the best beach in Nassau. With lots of beach chairs strewn along the shore, you won't be spending hours searching for a place to tan. Their beach is the perfect spot to enjoy the great Bahamian weather, and it was easy to find a place to relax in the sun. For those who want to get active, the resort's all-inclusive plan covers watersports such as waterskiing, sailing and kayaking. With all of the activities offered at the pool and the beach, it's easy to get tired - but make sure to save your energy for the disco at night. There's plenty of fun to be found there!

Booking a vacation at an all-inclusive resort can sometimes conjure up thoughts of overcooked meat, disastrous buffets, and inconvenient meal hours. Don't worry, however, because this myth does not describe the dining experience at Breezes Bahamas. I was absolutely stunned by the quality of the food in the Main Dining Room. The buffets included every type of nut, fruit, and lettuce you could imagine, as well as delicious fish and meat entrees, and an array of tasty deserts. I highly recommend the salad bar at the Main Dining Room. In addition to being huge and including everything you could ever think to put in a salad, it was probably one of the best meals that I have ever eaten at an all-inclusive resort.

The two other indoor restaurants at Breezes, Pastafari and the Garden of Eden, are both excellent as well. Make sure to make dining reservations at both as soon as your arrive at the resort. The Pastafari restaurant has a traditional European feel, and is decorated with lighted candles and wooden furniture. This restaurant includes a terrific antipasto buffet, as well as many Italian dishes to choose from. The Garden of Eden restaurant features fantastic dining in a romantic Caribbean setting. Here you can either choose to be seated outdoors on the shaded garden patio or in the cozy white booths indoors. The main course selections were particularly excellent, and I recommend sampling many of their delicious deserts. If you find yourself getting hungry during the day, you'll find a multitude of options offered at the Pool Grill including hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, fries, and grilled sandwiches. Don't worry, you can work off the calories at the resort's Fitness Center or during a long run on the beach.

The Nassau/Paradise Island area is a great place for teens and young adults to vacation. Cable Beach has a few clubs and restaurants, and there is a glitzy casino just a short stroll away. For those who want to do some serious shopping, however, nearby Nassau can be easily reached by cab. Complete with a Straw Market for bargaining, awesome duty free shops, fun restaurants, and never-ending nightlife, Nassau is definitely a great place to be.

SuperClubs' Breezes is a great vacation choice for teens and young adults. With its open-aired entertainment rooms, fabulous pools and restaurants, the beautiful white sand beach, and the perfect location on Cable Beach, this tropical island getaway truly surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend it as an all-inclusive resort, and would love to go back!

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