Travel Tips for Kids Flying Solo

The number of kids flying solo these days is rapidly increasing. We've put together the latest safety guidelines and airline rules and regulations about unaccompanied minors on flights.

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Most airlines do charge an escort fee when children are flying alone. This fee will depond on the airline and the age of the child. The prices range from $30-$60 per child. Here are the latest fees being charged per child (each way):

Carrier   Non-stop   Connecting

American   $30   $60
Continental   $30   $60
Delta   $30   $60
Northwest   $40   $75
TWA   $30   $60
Southwest   $0   $0
United   $30   $30
US Airways   $30   $60

Other Tips:

-- Most airlines require children traveling alone to be at least five years of age and charge a fee (in addition to the fare) for escorting the child on and off flights.

-- For safety purposes, most airlines require information about who is bringing your child to the airport and who is meeting him or her at the final destination.

-- To ensure that your child is released to the proper person, the adult meeting your child at the final destination must show identification.

-- If your unaccompanied child is between 5 and 7 years old, most airlines allow them to fly only on nonstop flights.

-- Make sure to ask the airline for an unaccompanied minor form, as well a pin for your child to wear so that the airline staff can easily identify your child as a minor traveling.

-- Give your child a calling card or teach him or her to make a collect call so they can reach you anytime, anywhere.

Most airlines have their own guidelines for minors flying alone. Check out these links for the latest information.

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