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Caribbean Adventure Tops List of Must-Do Adventures for Teens

Teens can now explore the Caribbean in a new and different way, thanks to Adventures Cross Country (ARCC). ARCC, the world leader in teen adventures, has added the Caribbean to its schedule and put together an outstanding itinerary that provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of adventure sports in one of the world's most exotic and popular locations.

Teens on this adventure will experience more than a typical beach vacation, however. Immersed in nature and culture, they will learn the leadership and outdoor skills, natural history, and teamwork elements that are core to every ARCC offering.

The memorable three-week journey begins in the U.S. Virgin Islands at Cinnamon Bay on St. John's. The island is host to an expansive national park and is surrounded by rainbows of tropical fish and hidden turquoise bays. With camp set up only steps from the water, students will become scuba-certified as they swim among the tropical fish and colorful corals. Out of the water, they'll hike cross-island and learn about the ancient petroglyphs decorating the rock faces, work on a community service project, and accompany a well-known archaeologist to an active dig site.

The ocean becomes home during the next segment of the adventure during a six-day sail on a private chartered sailboat. Sailing from island to island, participants will visit deserted coves for leisurely swims and keep an eye out for dolphins. Evenings they'll watch the blazing sunsets of orange and red aboard their floating home.

Once the lawless hideaway of bandits and buccaneers, the British Virgin Islands are now home to sweet mangoes, calypso music, and pristine subtropical forests. Students will get a fine taste of these islands as they explore, dive, and hike various locales and learn about the treasured past of each stop.

The Caribbean Adventure wraps up with an exploration of the city of Charlotte Amalie, home of Blackbeard's castle and a favorite haunt for plundering pirates, as well as a final feast, where the grand adventures are relived before everyone heads home.

"Students get to see the islands from a private sailboat, from 30 feet beneath the water, and from the depths of a pristine national park," observes Scott von Eschen, ARCC president. "They will explore and experience the Caribbean as few people ever do. This is not your typical teenage adventure."

The Caribbean Adventure runs July 6-July 27. For more information about this adventure, or any of ARCC's other offerings, call 1-800-767-2722 or visit www.adventurescrosscountry.com

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