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Raft the Salmon River for a Great Summer Family Adventure

Rafting on the Salmon River is a perfect summer family adventure. Action Whitewater Adventures has designed river trips for all experience levels, so they are well-suited for family vacations. Verle Duerden, owner of Action Whitewater Adventures, has raised his own family on the river and taken river trips with them for years, so he knows what ingredients are needed to make a family trip unforgettable. Four of Verle's children work as guides, as well as Verle, so a member of the family is on virtually every river trip, ensuring a high level of service and quality. They work together because they enjoy each other.

In this fast paced world where families rarely have dinner together, the Duerdens have found the prescription for a strong family uninterrupted quality time. And that is the atmosphere of their river trips' over 100 miles of nonstop of fun. On a river trip families actually have meals together for a whole week, as well as all the other activities they enjoy together. Parents let their hair down and play and their kids love it. The Salmon River offers great whitewater throughout the season that is suitable for all experience levels. The warm water and sandy beaches are great for swimming. For those who want to sit back and enjoy the scenery, Action Whitewater Adventures uses guide-rowed oar boats. For the more adventurous, there are 4 to 6 man paddleboats and one-man sit-on-top kayaks. Guests often try their hand at each type of craft as their confidence on the river grows.

Action Whitewater Adventures has everything needed for a fantastic family river trip: friendly, experienced guides, top of the line equipment, great food, and an unwavering commitment to making each trip an unforgettable one. For more information, visit the Action Whitewater Adventures website at: Action Whitewater Adventures Family Rafting Trips.

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