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The BALSAMS Resort Hotel: A Grand Location for Inter-Generational Vacations

The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel, a magnificent 15,000 acre private estate in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire's White Mountains, has been offering American plan hospitality to families each summer for some 130 years. The all-inclusive American plan rates for adults and special children's rates mean that all meals, activities, recreational facilities and events are included so that even the wallet gets a vacation. The American plan also provides many opportunities for families to dine together and enjoy each others' company.

The BALSAMS provides myriad opportunities for grandparents and children to explore, play, dine together and enjoy that traditional yet special inter-generational bond. But, there are also day camp programs for children ages 3-13 which permit adult-only enjoyment of golf, tennis, hiking or just plain relaxing on the verandah or poolside.

The vast space and numerous facilities at The BALSAMS offer wonderful opportunities for: walks and talks; hikes and bike rides; fishing from the lakeshore or canoe; grand dinners, casual luncheons, picnics, and even a custom fish plate for breakfast-if you caught it, In addition, an exciting trip to a foreign country (Canada) is only a few minutes away by car; a nature walk along a forested path that is well annotated so you can be your own naturalist or go with the hotel naturalist; storybook reading or just plain storytelling in one of countless nooks and crannies available to be your special place.

Adult venues include the classic mountainside Donald Ross course, The Panorama; clay tennis courts; culinary demonstrations and wine tasting; nightclub entertainment; music and dancing. Many of these activities can be shared with the children, if desired.

The children's day camp is conducted by the Hotel's staff of youth counselors who are trained and experienced in supervising and directing camp activities like swimming, crafts, music appreciation, hiking, biking, and both indoor and outdoor games centered on sportsmanship and enjoyment rather than winning. Counselors also eat with children if adults have a special event they wish to celebrate alone.

The BALSAMS is a superior location for family togetherness, as affirmed by the number of multi-generational family groups who return to The BALSAMS year after year. For more information on The BALSAMS, visit the resort's website at www.thebalsams.com.

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