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When In London ... Have Chocolate Lover's Tea

If your family includes some chocolate lovers, give them a treat while in London. At the Chesterfield Mayfair, English Afternoon Tea is not longer just Afternoon tea. Chef Stephen Henderson has put a new spin on an old tradition. The hotel now features The Chocolate Lover's Tea. This tea is definitely a chocolate lover's fantasy come true.

The beverage of this delightful repast is hot chocolate with whipped cream. Sounds wonderful just as it is, but our chef has gone the extra step and sprinkled cocoa on the top!!! For those who prefer a cold drink - but still the flavor of chocolate - the chocolate milkshake is the most refreshing alternative.

Of course, tea would not be tea without sandwiches - these are made on brown and white bread. Delectable chocolate scones with butter, strawberry jam, and clotted cream await you. And, naturally, there is a fabulous selection of chocolate pastries and cakes.

In the tradition of The Chesterfield Mayfair's elegant standards, and to keep the memory of this perfect Chocolate Tea, later, at home, you will receive a special aware for having such fine tastebuds!

The Chocolate Tea is served in the Conservatory and the Restaurant between 3 pm and 5:30 pm. It is 19.95 per person. The Chesterfield Mayfair is located at 35 Charles Street, Mayfair. To make reservations, call 207 491 2622.

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