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During the School Year, Kids Unite at Adventure Bound

With school officially back in session, educators are eager to find ways to turn their students into united groups of teens. Working together, facing challenges, having fun, and sharing adventures can accomplish exactly that, and Adventure Bound's Learning with Adventures Program give participants carefully designed opportunities to enjoy each of these valuable experiences.

And with Adventure Bound's deferred payment plan, students can enjoy all the benefits of this exhilarating program in the fall when school starts and plan fundraising projects throughout the year to pay for the experience.

Classes who participate in Adventure Bound programs are destined for a successful year, both academically and socially, as they learn the power of cooperation, tolerance, and fun. Adventure Bound's Learning with Adventure Program offers a memorable, unique approach to team building, leadership training and student development. Using a hands-on approach, participants are encouraged through a variety of activities to stimulate goal setting, problem solving, leadership and communication skills. Activities include the Adventure Challenge Ropes Course, initiative exercises, and whitewater rafting. This experiential method works because participants gain a thorough understanding of themselves, their peers and what it takes to be successful in the future.

The Learning with Adventure Program begins with an afternoon or evening arrival. Students enjoy access to all resort facilities, including pool, hot tub, basketball, softball, soccer, game room, beach volleyball, bonfire area, main lodge and indoor climbing wall. A pizza party and evening climbing wall session starts the adventure off before students head off to spend the night in cabin tents.

Participants are richly rewarded for their efforts the first day, which is spent on the resort's challenging, yet rewarding, ropes course. Valuable lessons in teamwork, support, and collaboration are learned as trust and camaraderie is built and strengthened. Relationships forged the first day are only strengthened the second day, which is spent on a descent of the Upper Kennebec River through Class IV rapids. A delicious cookout with all the trimmings makes a nice lunchtime break, and an afternoon spent relaxing, swimming, waterfighting, and kayaking offers just the right respite. A personalized video and slide presentation ends the program with exactly the right touch.

A group of 8th-grade teachers had this to report about their Adventure Bound program: "The kids were faced with an orienteering course, they worked together through initiative exercise on the ropes course, challenged themselves individually on the climbing wall, and learned hands-on basic whitewater skills; all with the underlying theme of developing as a team while gaining valuable self-esteem... The result was amazing. This class still talks of their Adventure Bound experience as the best thing they have ever done. The effect on the group was very surprising: different leaders emerged, greater acceptance of differences occurred and understanding of students and teachers needs was verified.... We are already planning our program next year".

Of course, fall is the time of year to embark on this experience, yet most schools don't have funding for class trips available at the beginning of the year. Adventure Bound works with schools to make this critical fall experience possible. With an initial 25% deposit, Adventure Bound defers the remaining payments throughout the school year while fundraising occurs. Prices per student for the Learning with Adventure program ranges from $173-$193, depending on the month the trip is scheduled.

An alcohol-free facility, Adventure Bound has built a strong reputation for it's exceptional youth adventures and offerings. With a facility and staff dedicated to youth, Adventure Bound offers affordable programs with careful detail to what youth need most. For more information about the Learning with Adventure, as well as other Adventure Bound programs, call 1-888-606-RAFT (7238) or visit www.adv-bound.com.

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