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Families Experience the Lure and Lore of Pirates on Caribbean Journey

Long the subject of Hollywood movies and romance novels, pirates have captured children's imagination for generations. Beyond Boundaries has a new nine-day journey into the world of pirates, both fact and fiction. From June 10-18, 2005 families can walk in the shadows of the Golden Age of Piracy as it unfolded in the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Children and parents alike will be captivated by the historic significance of the venues, including Spanish Town, site of the Anne Bonny and Mary Read trials, Fort Charles, which served as the mode for the fort in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, pirate stronghold Port Royal, Gallow's Point, where many convicted pirates were hanged including Calico Jack Rackam, and the estate of Sir Henry Morgan, pirate turned lieutenant governor of Jamaica.

Many special events have been arranged, including a private dinner at the Pirate's Museum in Nassau that includes an after hours private tour. At St. Peter's Church in Port Royal, by special arrangement view the articles donated by Sir Henry Morgan which he "acquired" from one of his raids on Spanish ships.

No pirate tour would be complete without a visit to some caves. Green Grotto Caves have been used by the Spanish, the Tainos, and even pirates for centuries. The informative guides will lead a one-hour educational tour of the caves at the end of which guests will rest in the cool caves for some pirate stories.

Jeannie Barresi, owner of Beyond Boundaries Travel, commented, "With the success of recent movies, the popularity of pirates is at an all time high. This is a rare opportunity for fans of pirates to experience in person what they've only read about in books or seen in movies. Families will be able to actually walk in the footsteps of the likes of Henry Morgan, Bartholomew Roberts, Roche Brasiliano and Charles Vane."

This journey of a lifetime also takes families aboard a tall ship for adventures on the high seas as they sail deep blue waters of the Caribbean. Pirate hosts, who serve as storytellers, musicians and historians, will join guides and specialists in bringing piracy to life. Kids will walk in the footsteps of pirates as they learn swordplay, take part in treasure hunts on deserted islands, regale in hilarious tales and enjoy live pirate theater.

Special family tour groups are available. For more information contact Beyond Boundaries Travel at 800-487-1136, or e-mailinfo@potcfantrips.com. Visit the website at http://www.potcfantrips.com/.

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