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Road Tested Tips Keep Kids Happy On Car Trips

From stopping for bathroom breaks to crying in the backseat, traveling with kids can be a challenge for any parent.  To help parents make the most of family travel this summer, the road-warrior parents who stay at Extended Stay Hotels have shared their tried-and-true tips for keeping kids happy on the road. 

These secrets from Extended Stay Hotels’ guests who often travel with their children offer creative solutions to making the most of family trips. The following tips can help make the next family vacation more fun for everyone:

  • “Interview” Mom and Dad.  Bring the family closer together while traveling by letting kids “interview” their parents about their lives. Fun questions include:
    • “Mom, what was your first job?”
    • “Dad, what was your first car?”
    • “Mom, how did you meet Dad?”
    • “Dad, what was your favorite class in school?”
  • Let the kids play DJ.  For car trips, put the kids’ CDs in their backpack and make them the DJs.  They’ll enjoy the responsibility of selecting the music for the entire family.
  • Start a travel scrapbook.  A creative project for kids is to keep a travel scrapbook.  Kids collect mementos throughout the trip and, each day, place them in their scrapbook. From ticket stubs and event programs to pine needles and seashells, a travel scrapbook not only keeps kids busy, it will preserve memories from your family vacation.
  • Play the ABC Game.  Help children learn the alphabet with a fun car game.  As they see letters on billboards, license plates and road signs, children can shout out A, B and C until they run through the entire alphabet.
  • Pack a bag of tricks.  Keep younger kids occupied on the airplane or the car with a bag filled with goodies, including healthy snacks, travel games and favorite books.  Also be sure to include a few simple-yet-unexpected items – it’s amazing how aluminum foil, paper clips or band-aids will keep kids entertained for hours!
  • Don’t forget about yourselves.  Sometimes parents are so worried about keeping their children nourished during family vacations that they forget to eat healthy, filling meals.  Packing a selection of protein-rich snacks for adults will give parents the energy to keep up with their children for the entire vacation.
  • Keep in touch.  Help kids drop a line to friends and family back home by bringing address labels and stamps for post cards.  This encourages children to write while also strengthening bonds with loved ones.

With more than 680 locations in North America, Extended Stay Hotels offers family-friendly accommodations with in-room kitchens, pet-friendly rooms and 24-hour guest laundry facilities. For more information about Extended Stay Hotels, visit www.ExtendedStayHotels.com or call 1-800-EXT-STAY.

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