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Marriott Golf Announces International Family Golf Festival Program

Playing golf is a wonderful way to bring family members together. Marriott Golf, one of the world's leading golf operators, recognizes this and has launched its second annual International Family Golf Festival program. This year-long series of one day family golf events, which encourages parents and children to learn and play the game of golf together, takes place at 31 leading Marriott Golf managed destinations throughout the world

Starting on May 16, 2009, the Marriott International Family Golf Festival invited families to Marriott Golf properties for an afternoon of FREE golf instruction, clinics, fun activities, interactive golf games, family golf programs, a chance to win a variety of prizes, and more. Last year, Marriott estimated that more than 5,000 families participated in this program.

In addition, after 3 p.m., families and children can play golf for free as part of Marriott Golf's "Kids Golf-4-Free" program. An estimated 10,000 parents and children participate in this program each year. The 2009 Family Golf Festival will take place at selected Marriott Golf properties from May through December.* Please visit the Marriott Golf website at www.marriottgolf.com for complete information on dates and locations.

The Marriott International Family Golf Festival is just one of Marriott's efforts to promote family golf. In 2005, Marriott Golf launched "Kids Golf-4-Free," a first-of-its-kind program that enabled kids up to 15 years old to golf for free when accompanies by a full paying adult after 3 p.m. daily. In addition, Marriott Golf also offers free lessons anytime to kids up to 15 years old when accompanied by an adult who is taking a fully paid lesson from a Marriott Golf instructor. This program, which is available at some of Marriott Golf's most prestigious resort destinations worldwide, was complemented in 2007 by the "Kids Rent-4-Free" program, which provides kids 15 years old and under with a free rental set of Accu-Length clubs when they participate in Marriott's "Kids Golf-4-Free" program.

Marriott Golf manages 60 golf courses at 44 locations in 13 countries, offering more than 1,000 holes of championship golf. For more information, visit www.marriottgolf.com.

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