Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort offers an excellent way for families to get close to sea turtles. From June through November, kids and their families are encouraged to take part in the resort's seasonal Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Each night during "sea turtle season," the resort staff patrols the resort's beaches to gather sea turtle eggs and guests can help as well. The eggs are then transported the resort's nursery for incubation, still in their nests, to best preserve their natural conditions.

Once the sea turtle eggs hatch 40-50 days later, they are ready to be released on the beach with the help of the staff and families staying at the resort. According to the CasaMagna Marriott tradition, children get to name their tiny sea turtle babies and then set them free on the resort's beach at sunset to find their way into the water. The resort staff uses the opportunity to educate kids about the sea turtles and Mexico's environmental awareness initiatives to save them. As a result of the Marriott's Sea Turtle Rescue Program, approximately 90 percent of the sea turtle eggs hatch each year compared with approximately 40 percent of the eggs prior to the program. Last year, 211 nests were collected with 17,624 sea turtles released back into the sea. For more information, visit the Casa Magna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort website.

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