Through our research, we have located schools, orphanages, charities and organizations that welcome in-kind donations to assist in their endeavors. A number of these organizations have been visited. In many cases, we have relied on the information provided by volunteers, directors, and other individuals involved with these groups and we do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information provided. Use the information you find here as a starting point for doing independent research on these organizations and determining which, if any, you would like to help on your travels.

Although these schools, charities and other organizations are listed on this site, neither the Family Travel Network nor its assigns or officers are responsible for the activities of these organizations or their members. Contact the organizations directly for more detailed information on their work. The Family Travel Network has no financial involvement in these organizations.

Alajuela (Near San Jose International Airport), Costa Rica

Pura Vida Hotel is located just 4 kilometers from the San Jose International Airport in the town of Alajuela. The hotel has instituted programs to help support a local school in the area, the Centro Educativo Tuetal Sur. Children at the school are in kindergarten through age 12. The hotel has established a for the school with a complete wish list (www.escuelatuetalsur.com/support-the-kids.html) and also serves as a drop-off point for donations. Visitors can bring such items as English or Spanish picture books/workbooks for younger children, educational toys and games, Spanish books, and reference books. The school also need school supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, stickers, erasers, envelopes, glue and glue sticks, white board markers, highlighter markers, tape, rulers, paper clips, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, rubber bands, scissors, staples, compasses, and other items. For more information, visit the Pura Vida Hotel's website at www.puravidahotel.com, contact them at info@puravidahotel.com, or call them at 430-2929 (from the U.S., dial the international access number 011 and from everywhere outside Costa Rica, add the 506 Costa Rica country code).

Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica:

The Carbonera School is a small school located in the Osa Peninsula region of Costa Rica. Lapa Rios Ecolodge, an award-winning rainforest hotel in the region, has a program to help support the local school. Information on the school’s wish list is contained on the lodge’s website: www.laparios.com. Needs include games with words in Spanish and English, sports equipment, disposable cameras, art supplies, paint brushes, music supplies, educational DVDs in Spanish and English, books in Spanish, paper, pencils, and other school supplies. Other ideas for interchanges and connections with Osa Peninsula schools are also contained on the website at: www.laparios.com/wishlist.htm.

Monteverde, Costa Rica:

The Cloud Forest School is a bilingual school located in the tropical cloud forest near Monteverde. The campus is located on 106 acres of cloud forest, which was purchased from the Nature Conservancy. Over half of the students come from families with incomes of less than $500 per month. There are over 200 students from preschool through grade 11. The school greatly appreciates the donations of visitors to the area, and a current wish list is contained on the school’s website: www.cloudforestschool.org. Items having the highest priority include notecards, kids and adult sized scissors, dustless Crayola chalk, Crayola markers, whiteboard markers, tape, all sizes of paintbrushes, batteries (AA and AAA sizes), card games, board games, CD/tape players and headphones, Spanish/English dictionaries, binder clips, lined paper, spiral notebooks, glue (bottle and sticks), multi-colored pencils, stickers, erasers, rubber bands, paper clips and other items. Make sure to look at the school’s current wish list on their website at www.cloudforestschool.org before bringing items.  For more information, contact the school's Director at director@cloudforestschool.org or contact them at 645-5161 (from the U.S., dial the international access number 011 and from everywhere outside Costa Rica, add the 506 Costa Rica country code).

Monteverde Friends School is a K-12 bilingual school in the Monteverde area. Current needs include books on tape for all ages (English or Spanish), CD-Roms in Spanish, Montessori learning tools for kindergarten, and other items. For more information, visit the Monteverde Friends School website at www.mfschool.org, contact them at mfsschool@racsa.co.cr or call them at 645-5302 (from the U.S., dial the international access number 011 and from everywhere outside Costa Rica, add the 506 Costa Rica country code).

Tortuguero, Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Expeditions helps to assist the schools in Tortuguero. Located on the Caribbean coast, the town of Tortuguero is so remote and neglected that historically it has received very little attention and support from the Costa Rican government. While the town is well known for turtle nesting and eco-trips, the schools in Tortuguero are extremely basic. These small schools need donations of school supplies, calculators, sports equipment, backpacks, Spanish reading books, flash cards, and other items. For more information on Tortuguero and other efforts to help the town’s schools, visit the Costa Rica Expeditions website.

Turrialba, Costa Rica:

The Escuela Eslabón is a small public primary school located in the Orosi valley of Costa Rica. The school welcomes visits and needs donations of school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, maps, puzzles, games, sports equipment and other items.


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