Kid Friendly Montana
by Bob Carter

Montana's Department of Commerce assures me that kids and Montana's Big Sky Country naturally go together. The state's wide open spaces, outdoor adventures and hands-on experiences are just what youngsters need to put their bundles of energy to fun use.

To help kids understand what Montana offers, Travel Montana's Publications Program has put together a brochure called "Kid Friendly Montana." This colorful, cartoon- bordered piece provides basic facts about Montana---its geography, economy, state symbols, etc.---along with color photos and text on Montana's numerous family-oriented attractions.

So what makes Montana such a special place for young people to visit? The possibilities are endless. Here's a short list of popular kid-tested diversions:

1. Mountain wildlife at Glacier National Park,

2. Active dinosaur dig sites open to the public,

3. Horses to ride across Montana's landscape,

4. Indian powwows where tribal members celebrate the old ways,

5. Crystal clear rivers, lakes, and streams offering water adventures, and

6. Winter snows creating mountain playgrounds

Sound like the same things that attract adults to Montana? They are. Montana is for the kid in all of us. Some are just lucky enough to get started on their Montana adventures sooner than others.
Kids will be sent "Kid Friendly Montana" if they call Travel Montana, 800-VISIT MT (847-4868) and request state information.

Montana offers a wide range of camping possibilities from full-service campgrounds with swimming pools to primitive areas with limited facilities. Fees on public campgrounds vary, but generally range from free to $14. The Montana Travel Planner lists statewide campgrounds and is available free by calling the number above.

For additional information regarding camping and outdoor recreation, lodging, attractions, and special events contact Travel Montana.
Montana's annual calendar is full of festivals, events, and celebrations. During autumns the Annual Bald Eagle Migrations takes place during November and December along the Missouri River near Helena. About 1,000 bald eagles stop on the Missouri to feed on spawning calkin salmon. The federal Bureau of Land Management and Montana's Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department have established viewing sites along the river with spotting scopes available on weekends. There's a visitor center with hand-on displays near the riverside viewing areas. This event is one of Montana's enjoyable watchable wildlife viewing activities.

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