Dive into the underwater world at aquariums! Visit aquatic exhibits that include sharks, dolphins, whales, sea lions, turtles and other marine life. Summer is the perfect time to explore aquariums. You can always cool off by going to one of the whale performances (get splashed as they jump and hit the water). It is so much fun to watch the animal feedings, check for times to help plan out your day. The sharks are always fascinating, especially after seeing the Jaws movies.

Surf the web for these great aquarium sites!

SeaWorld Parks

Baltimore, MD Welcome to The National Aquarium in Baltimore

Boston, MA Welcome to the New England Aquarium

Chattanooga, TN Tennessee Aquarium

Monterey Bay, CA Monterey Bay Aquarium

New Orleans, LA Aquarium Of The Americas

Newport, OR Newport Oregon - Oregon Coast Aquarium

Vancouver, BC Welcome to the Vancouver Aquarium Online

Aquariums are a great family outing. There is so much to see, do and learn about marine life in a park atmosphere. It is so much fun to experience the population of the underwater world!

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