Fishing is one of the oldest pastimes pursued by man. It started as a method to provide food, but today recreational fishing is very popular because anyone can do it. All you need is a pole and some hooks. Fishing offers you the opportunity to be outdoors, learn about nature, and try to outsmart the fish. Within one hour from most homes, there is usually a place to fish. Check out www.fishingworks.com for infomration about fishing guides, schools and to find the best places to fish throughout the world.

You can catch fish from the oceans, lakes, or streams. There are thousands of species swimming in these waters. For great places to go fishing check out GORP's website on the best places to fish and how to guides plus a family fishing section.

There are many techniques used to catch fish for fun. You can sit on the shore or anchor a boat and wait for the fish to nibble on your line or if you cast while on a moving boat. Just remember to enjoy the day and the fishing ethics of not to take more fish than you need. Some of the best fisherman catch fish for the sport of it, then release them unharmed for someone else to catch.

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