Take A Factory Tour

Have you ever wondered how products are made? Want to see something new and different on your next trip? Then take one of the hundreds of factory and company tours located throughout the United States. Many of these tours are free, and offer a fascinating glimpse of the inner workings of companies, with their massive machinery and interesting products.

Check out this collection of family-friendly Fascinating Factory Tours. Learn about your favorites like crayons at Binney & Smith, Pensylvania & Kansasor ice-cream Dreyer's and Edy's Grand Ice Cream,or Ben & Jerry's, Vermont.

These tours are great learning experiences and loads of fun! Many even give free samples of their products (this is great at the food factories!). Think about taking a factory tour in your hometown or add it to your next vacation itinerary. Have a blast and remember to wow your friends with your new knowledge of how things are made!

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