River Rafting

A great way to cool off this summer is to go river rafting. The whole family can enjoy nature's own amusement park! There are six different classifications of rivers from small rapids with low waves and course is easily determined (Class I) to large waves up to four feet (Class III) and Class VI is extremely difficult. Qualified guides accompany each trip to ensure that everyone has an exhilarating experience.

Rafters should be prepared to get wet! It is a good idea to wear sneakers, shorts or bathing suit and a T-shirt. All of the necessary saftey equipment is supplied by the rafting company. Trips go rain or shine which helps with planning.

Many river rafting outfitters have done a great deal to appeal to families, and design special excursions suitable to family groups. If you're planning on taking younger children, be sure to ask about family-only rafting trips, as well as minimum ages to participate. Other good questions might include: the availability of guard-approved life vests for younger children; whether snacks are provided on the river; what kinds of training the guides have in water safety, first aid, and CPR; how strenuous are the trips and more about the rapids classification; and how many hours you'll be rafting. Make sure to understand what's included in the price as well.

There are lots of resources to surf on the web, before you climb into a boat. Check out: American Whitewater Affiliation, Rocky Mountain Adventures River Rafting, White water and Waterfalls in North Carolina are a few examples. You can easily do a web search of the geographic area that you are interested in.

Have a blast on the roaring rapids!

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