Farmers' Markets

Farmers' markets bring farm-fresh produce to people in urban and suburban areas. People are concerned about nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables and are shopping at these markets in record numbers. All items sold must be grown or homemade. It is interesting to walk around and look at all of the merchandise.

To locate the Farmers' Market in your area, look in your local newspaper or check out this site by the USDA: http://www.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/. They provide listings of farmers' markets by state and city around the country.

Shopping at farmers' markets is enjoyable because the owner/operators have direct ties and personal commitments to the products they sell. They are usually happy to answer questions. This is a great experience for the entire family. The kids will learn that the produce really doesn't come from the supermarket and they might enjoy eating vegetables after the visit!

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